Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!

We had a fun time yesterday with bottle rockets and black cats. Friends of the kids shared their bounty.
Pam had a great time at her sleep over. She was thrilled to see all the fireworks we had won.

James spent most of the day eating and watching the big kids.

Anthony loved the Snap its. He had to stomp on them because when he threw them they bounced. James was loving the noise and colors.

Anthony had a blast with the sparklers. He danced all around with them.

We lit off all of our stuff and had a wonderful time. Then we went down the street to the mall and watched the Firework show. By the time we got home Anthony and James were passed out. Aaron and Pam went down the street to a friends house and lit off more stuff till around1am. Needless to say we are all tired today and had a rough start getting to church this morning.

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