Friday, August 21, 2009

Aquasox baseball and gymnastics?

Pam's gymnastics team did a pre-game show for the AquaSox yesterday.The girls had a lot of fun at the game. Anthony met the puppet outside the stadium before the game. He cracked a few jokes and gave Anthony the toy you see below. Aaron decided to make signs for the game. On one side he supported his sister and on the other the Aquasox.

Wendy Clark, a mom of one of Pam's teammates, took a bunch of pictures of the team and shared them with all of us. The girls are practicing.This is Webbley.The girls all lined up ready to perform.Pam is hidden behind the older girls. This was during the Star Spangled Banner. James was having fun with daddy.
Anthony started to get a little bored.
Pam, Katie and Leah.

I'll try to post the video when I get a chance.

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