Tuesday, December 16, 2008

James was born

James entered the world on 14 Dec at 1:13. He weighed in at 9lbs. 8ozs. and is 22in. long.

I came home from the hospital yesterday morning and at the same time James was transferred to Swedish Medical Center's NICU. James is doing fine. He is just having a little trouble with breathing. The doctors are fairly sure that he has a little fluid in his lungs from when he was born that is causing him to have a bit of trouble. They are sure he is fine and should be released in a few days. The doctors just want him to be watched carefully while his body does its thing and gets the fluid absorbed.

Jaime and I took the kids up to see James last night. James is on oxygen and they are slowly bringing the levels down so he should be off the hood and on to the tube in his nose today. Other than that they have him on IV fluids and antibiotics. The antibiotics are for just in case he is sick. They are still running a bunch of tests to rule things out.

Just to recap...James is doing fine they just want to watch him to be sure he stays fine. And I am tired but home.

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Heather, Rex, etc. said...

He looks beautiful! What a big baby! Hope he comes home soon! How was the labor?